The Question Journey Trish Bishop – Open to Wonderment Inside Yourself

Photo of Trish BishopThe Question Journey Trish Bishop – Open to Wonderment Inside Yourself
Trish’s book provided an inspirational video interview –

it is a powerful tool to delve into your own psyche and release creativity, frustration, hidden dreams, and goals.

I loved her book and loved interviewing her!

From Trish’s website:

The Question Journey™ is a guided self-development journal that provides powerful tools to help you identify those things that are holding you back from being who YOU REALLY ARE. Too often we feel there are important answers for us, but they are just out of reach. We never seem to feel fulfilled or, more often, we feel that something is missing. So we go in search of this missing piece or elusive answers by attending seminars and workshops and buying books and looking for the “experts” to help us find our way. We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves, when the truth is that every answer we could ever want is already within our own hearts; and they are available to us if we simply have the courage to look.

Trish’s personal journey has brought to her awareness the importance of strong emotional and spiritual health as a key component to overall health. Diet and exercise are also important, however, if you are emotionally toxic all the diet and exercise in the world cannot lead you to a happy, content and fulfilled life. It is not until we learn to release our emotional baggage and open ourselves up to the possibilities of our own power that we can truly become players on the field of life
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