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Every now and then, we do something which scares the hell out of us. This is part of the beauty of life, and without this sudden urge to act, and the ensuing adrenalin rush, we forget to wake up and seize life with both hands.

What has this got to do with me? I’ll tell you …

The Chance To Host a TV Show

Oprah Winfrey - offering the opportunity to host a TV show

Oprah and reality TV super producer Mark Burnett (who came up with Survivor and The Apprentice) are joining forces in search of the next big TV star. They are looking for someone with a big personality, who will be chosen to host their own show, on their own. Oprah is offering people the opportunity to audition online or in person, and pitching a great idea. It has to be creative and fun, and have the potential to rock the world.

So, I auditioned.  (and you can click over and vote!)

My Pitch for the Show

You know how I am, by now and what I stand for. Talking Purpose is all about exploring life’s purpose, and providing resources for the spiritually-perplexed to make sense of their life. Over the time I have been running this site, I have come in to contact with some incredible people ranging from authors, spiritual thinkers, gurus and philosophers. My role has been to search out amazing ideas and concepts, and bring them to you, to broaden your knowledge (and my own at the same time).

I am interested in consciousness, the relationship between creativity and your life purpose, and how we use that relationship to inform our choices and get to a place of spiritual satisfaction and peace. My aim is to get people to make a living doing what they love, and explore metaphysical ideas and psychology to help answer some basic questions. These questions are:

  • How are we?
  • Why are we here?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Can we create our reality or is it all pre-destined?
  • What is the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship?
  • Do you have to be spiritual to invoke intention?

Mark Burnett

By finding extraordinary voices in the universe that throw light on these questions, I hope to provide a valuable resource for us all to help us find our own spiritual path and promote individual happiness and fulfillment.

Why I Need Your Help

The audition is only the first part of the process to get me on my way to hosting a TV show that will bring some of these questions to the wider network. I would like to ask you for your help in voting for me, to promote my idea and hopefully bring my audition to the attention of the panel of judges who will be making the decision about who to choose.

Please Tweet, Facebook, Digg, Stumble and share my audition and my idea if you would like to support me, and also vote on Oprah would be nice. I can’t achieve this without your help, just as there wouldn’t have been a Talking Purpose without your input and the help of all the creative geniuses I have interviewed.

Although this whole idea makes me nervous, as I’m actually quite a shy person, I feel really excited about the prospect of bringing the concept of Talking Purpose to the rest of the world through a new platform. I hope you do, too.

Thank you. I’ll keep you posted about how I get on. Watch this space!


P.S.  I got help writing this post from my friend and writing guru at Stilus Word. You can find Jennifer Syrkiewicz at her and see for yourself what a great writer she is, and…her terrific sense of humor!

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