Interview with Angela Bear Gower-Johnson Infinite Possibilities Ultimate Dream Project

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Imagine if you could expand your business, get more clients and have phenomenal results with everything you do? This may sound like a dream, but my most recent interviewee Angela from The Ultimate Dream Project believes it is possible for us to all achieve exactly that.

Angela joined me long distance from London.

I interviewed Angela, IPPE, an Infinite Possibilities Process Expert.  Don’t you just love that?  an IPPE!    I am a member of Angela’s membership site, and love the results. It is true that by following her questions I’ve tripled my business in just a few weeks.

During this interview, Angela read my energy, and did a mini session online live!  (a regular session with Angela would be more personal and longer, but for the sake of the interview we kept it to a short concise session). After this short session I have put Success on top of my nose and things are already shifting!  (listen to find out what the heck I’m talking about!

Listen or download the audio version here:

About Angela

Angela reads people’s energy, and finds out what is going on in their lives currently, and what steps we need to take as individuals to achieve our goals. She states that it is easy for her to ‘read’ what is going on with people and what action is required to get the phenomenal results that they are looking for.

Angela gives her clients simple tools that they can use to shift the energy of how things were keeping them in place or stopping them from achieving the end result. All of her clients start to experience results really quickly, even after an initial consultation session she has clients calling her and telling her about the amazing result they have had.

The Questions Angela Answers

What would your business look like if you learned how to expand your awareness of everything? What if you knew simple tools to let you know which people would be financially rewarding to your business? What if you could know which people were actually willing to contribute to the success of your business? These subjects form the basis of Angela’s work with her clients, moving them forward to achieve what they need to reach their goals and aspirations.

The Ultimate Dream Project

Angela has developed a package to support people to achieve their goals, called ‘The Ultimate Dream Project’. This program was designed to support people like you that are already established in or just starting out with their own business and want to have phenomenal results in your business by using simple tools. Angela has taken the biggest three things her $5,000 a month private clients really value, the three things that really kicked them into a higher gear and created an affordable program that allows you to experience these exact same benefit by giving you the same tools they used to skyrocket their results with ease.