Voting Party for Michelle on OWN

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Last chance to support Michelle on her bid to get on the OWN show on Oprah’s new network.

It is a full out voting party for Michelle.

Please following the steps below to get Michelle’s TalkingPurpose show on Oprah!

Also support her friend Edward Jones who is auditioning USING AN INTERVIEW MICHELLE DID! Supporting Edward supports Michelle.

Here are the steps

1) click here:

2) Vote 10 times if you can (just keep hitting the back button and vote again – it takes a few minutes to register your vote, so don’t give up if you don’t see your vote right away)

3) Leave a comment if you are registered on Oprah (or register and leave a comment)

4) vote for my friend @EdwardJones who used his interview with Michelle for his audition

5) comment on Facebook or

6) Send an email to and I’ll email goodies after the 4th.

7) Pat yourself on the back for doing something fun!

Thank you Thank you!

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