An Author Interview with Tom Anderson on Your Place in the World: Creating a Life of Vision, Purpose and Service

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In a recent interview on Talking Books TV, Tom Anderson spoke to Michelle Vandepas about his book, Your Place in the World: Creating a Life of Vision, Purpose, and Service.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether you are truly passionate about what you do or are simply trying to figure out your purpose in life, Tom Anderson’s book can give you some direction.

By all accounts, Tom Anderson was a man on his way to the top. With a degree in Finance and Real Estate, he thrived in a commercial real estate for and mortgage banking career. But when he was finally given the chance to have what he had long worked for–to be partner in his firm–Anderson realized that it wasn’t a place he saw himself spending the rest of his life devoted to. He explains, “I felt like I was living a life that was just too small.” With that, Anderson embarked on a vision quest that changed his life and is now offering the same thing to others.

In this book, Anderson uses his own vision quest experience as a spring board and shares his own insights on self discovery. He tells us that vision is the greatest dream you can dream for the word while purpose is a unique gift you have been born to embody, and service is the energy that combines vision and purpose when you live your life for something bigger than yourself. This inspiring story serves as a guide to discovering meaning and purpose for anyone who dares to respond to that tug at your heart you just can’t shake off. When you pick up this book, let it lead you to remember who you truly are and discover what it is that will make you happy.

About the Book

Tom Anderson’s Your Place in the World: Creating A Life of Vision, Purpose and Service is not only an account of his own heroic journey to purpose and service, but also a simple guide to help you create your heroic life. Through the old spiritual practice of the vision quest, Tom found his calling and this book is perfect for anyone who is seeking guidance to do the same.

About the Author

Tom Anderson wears many hats. He is a writer, inspirational speaker, workshop leader and vision quest guide. His former career in commercial real estate and mortgage banking gave him great success but he later realized that his passion lay in helping others find theirs. He resigned his position and devoted his time to his passions in writing, teaching and public speaking. His book, Your Place in the World: Creating a life vision, purpose and service reflects his belief in the ability of each person to “fuel a dream, create an abundant life, and even change the world”

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