Weight Loss Surgery Book – Eat It Up! Dr. Connie Stapleton

Book photo - eat it up dr. connie stapletonWeight Loss Surgery Book – Eat It Up!  Dr. Connie Stapleton

It was a pleasure to interview Dr. Connie Stapleton and discuss triggers that many emotional eaters have and why underweight and overweight people have similar, but different issues. Many overweight people put weight back on after the surgery. Think this doesn’t apply to you? Do you know over 200,000 people  have the surgery every year?  With statistics like that, we may know someone in our own 6 degree of separation going through this.

Connie Stapleton, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who works directly with surgical weight loss patients before and after Bariatric Surgery

Observing patients regain weight after losing a hundred plus pounds following surgical weight loss procedures, Dr. Stapleton set out with determination to help patients prevent substantial weight regain after the surgery.

Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery (Transformation Media Books, 2009)

holds the keys to the prevention of weight regain by providing information and tools to address finding balance in all areas of life that were negatively affected by obesity (Social life, Work, Emotions, Spirituality, and more).

Watch this video below:

More from Dr. Connie Stapleton on her site, Mind Body Health

Mind Body Health Services is a venture started in 2003 by Dr. Connie Stapleton. Her vision is to inspire others to help themselves develop a healthier life, incorporating a mind/body approach. The mind/body approach simply means taking into consideration the whole person: spiritual aspects, family life, social supports, work life, volunteer activities, and physical being.

Life has ups and downs for everyone and a problem in one area of life affects other areas of life as well. The providers at Mind Body Health Services take into account the whole person in helping them find the solutions to deal with what is causing the patient discomfort in their life.

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