Hi and thanks for stopping by. My name is Michelle Vandepas, and I’m the host of Talking Purpose – a webcam interview internet video show. My goal is to offer inspirational videos on the following subjects:

Conscious Livelihood®Ecology Energy Healing Holistic Health Humanitarian Life Purpose - Spirituality and Theology.

You can find out everything about me on my bio at Divine Purpose Unleashed, or at MichelleVandepas.com

I interview people that I find interesting – and ask questions that I want to know – but I’m always interested in feedback. What questions would you ask? Who would you interview? Please leave your comments anywhere on the site, or contact me.

If you’d like information about being on the show, you can find it under the Talking Purpose Guest Info

  • Full Disclosure

    I love interviewing so much I’d it for free – however this is how I make my living, so if you see a link, it may lead to a product that I get a commission from. If I review a product, assume that I got the product for free in return for the review. If I endorse something – trust that I’m getting paid to do so. Having said all that, I’m in complete integrity as I only review products and services that I’m genuinely interested in, and I also give honest reviews and feedback. Please support the show by clicking on a link, leaving a comment, buying a product or using social media. Thanks for being part of the community!